Vale of White Horse PSFA

Frequently Asked Questions


Which children can play in a school team ?

F.A. rules allow children in two-year age bands to play in the same match i.e. Yr 5 and Yr6. However a Year 4 player is not permitted to participate in any match in which  Year 6 pupils are participating.

Can girls and boys play in the same team ?

Yes, boys and girls are eligible to play in the same team in all competitions with the exception of the Primary Schools’ (Girls’) Cup and E.S.F.A. u-11 7 a-side Cup for Girls.          

How many players can play ?

All inter-school matches organised by Vale of White Horse  P.S.F.A. or by us on behalf of E.S.F.A. are 7 a-side. Each school may select 7 players to play from a squad of 10 at each match.

How many substitutes can I use ?

Each side may have a maximum of 10 players at a match with 3 substitutes. There is however, no limit to the number of substitutions a team can make. This system of ‘rolling substitutes’ allows players to return to a match after being injured or rested and enables teams to be weakened and so avoid huge score-lines.

How long do matches last ?

All league matches are of two periods of 20 minutes with teams changing ends after the first period.

What size pitch are matches played on ?

The field of play must conform to the dimensions set out by the FA for mini-soccer. (to download a PDF showing pitch dimensions click here)

What size and type of goals should I use ?

Schools should mini-soccer goals measuring 3.66m wide by 1.83m high and conform to BSEN 748 (2004) and BS 8462 (2005). (To download a PDF of the FA’s Goalpost Safety Guidelines click here)

What size ball do we use ?

A size 4 football must be used.

What happens if both teams wear the same colour kit ?

If there is a clash of colours between teams, the home team should change shirts. If this is not possible the home team should wear bibs of a contrasting colour to that of the away team.